United Methodist Church of Gales Ferry
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Weekly Update




October 21, 2018


Today........................... 8:15 a.m.      Worship – Sanctuary

                                         9:15 a.m.      Sunday School/Choir

                                      10:30 a.m.      Worship – Sanctuary

                                      11:30 a.m.      Technology Potluck – Jo Ann Koe Hall

                                      12:15 p.m.      Jubilation Dancers – Sanctuary

                                         5:00 p.m.      Leadership Meeting - Offsite

Monday...................... 12:30 p.m.      Staff Meeting – Blue Room

                                         6:00 p.m.      Attracting Team – Blue Room

                                         6:30 p.m.      Disciple 2 – Yellow Room

                                         6:30 p.m.      Cub Scouts – Jo Ann Koe Hall

                                         7:00 p.m.      Boy Scouts – Jo Ann Koe Hall

Tuesday........................ 5:30 p.m.      Bear Scouts – Blue Room

                                         6:15 p.m.      Handbells – Choir Room

                                         7:00 p.m.      Lion’s Club – Blue Room

                                         7:00 p.m.      Methodist Basics – Yellow Room

                                         7:30 p.m.      Contemporary – Choir Room

Wednesday.................. 6:00 p.m.      Webelos – Jo Ann Koe Hall

                                         6:00 p.m.      USS Hartford FRG – Jo Ann Koe Hall

Thursday..................... 9:00 a.m.      Quilters – Yellow & Blue Room

                                         7:00 p.m.      AA – Teen Room

Friday........................... 6:00 p.m.      Daisy Scouts – Blue Room

Saturday...................... 2:00 p.m.      Fall Festival – Back 40

                                         6:00 p.m.      Cub Scout Pack Meeting – Jo Ann Koe Hall

Sunday.......................... 8:15 a.m.      Worship – Sanctuary

                                         9:15 a.m.      Sunday School/Choir

                                      10:30 a.m.      Worship – Sanctuary

                                      11:30 a.m.      Coffee Hour – Jo Ann Koe Hall

                                      12:15 p.m.      Jubilation Dancers – Sanctuary


PASTOR TOM EMAIL:  pastorbentum@gmail.com


October 21st

                Sermon:               “What’s So Amazing About Grace?  The Cure”

                Scripture:            Psalm 130



October 28th

                Sermon:               What’s So Amazing About Grace?  Our Greatest Weapon”

                Scripture:            Matthew 15:15-18




TECHNOLOGY ANSWERS, FELLOWSHIP & A POTLUCK MEAL:  THIS SUNDAY!!!  Have you updated your family or individual profile in the church database?  Do you have a current picture for the online directory?  Have you liked the church Facebook page?  Do you know how to make a positive contribution to the church's digital presence?  And finally, and most importantly, don't you think it's about time we had a potluck after church?

On October 21st after the 1030 service the Connecting and Attracting Teams are sponsoring a Technology Potluck.  The meal is sure to include the great dishes that church members typically contribute to potlucks, and during the meal there will be brief presentations on church technology topics, including the online church database and directory, church webpage and Facebook and other church social media.  We also hope to have some laptops available to assist members with church-related or other technology questions.  So get ready to provide your favorite potluck dish and have your technology questions answered on Sunday October 21st.    


SAVE THE DATE:  Put October 27th on the calendar for our annual Fall Festival.  Fun, food and activities for all ages will take place in the Back 40 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


COFFEE HOUR:  We have NO volunteer signed up to do coffee hour on October 28th.  Please check your calendar and sign-up on the bulletin board leading to Jo Ann Koe Hall.  Information will be sent to you and it takes less than an hour of your time.


METHODIST BASICS:  The Methodist Basics class will have an additional class on October 23rd at 7:00 p.m. to discuss “The Way Forward.”  Everyone is invited to attend and learn about what the Methodist Church is facing in 2019.  Rev. Frank Denton will be leading the discussion.



LEDYARD TRUNK OR TREAT:  LAST SUNDAY TO DONATE!  This year Gales Ferry UMC will be participating in the Ledyard Trunk or Treat! Hundreds of Ledyard kids and their families attend this event, which will be held on Friday, October 26 from 5:45 till 8:00 PM at the Ledyard Fairgrounds with trunk set up from 4:30 to 5:45 PM. Do you have a trunk you would like to donate or decorations or decorating skills you would like to put to use? We are looking to set up two trunks together with the theme “Fall Harvest.” Any and all volunteers are welcome for set up, passing out candy, or just enjoying the night with church family and friends.  Please contact Julie Clark if you would like to help with this great community event.  Also, we will need lots and lots of lollypops and pencils. If you are able to donate some of these items, please place them in the Trunk or Treat Donation Trunk in the blue room.


CROP WALK THANK YOU:  The CROP walk was a big success raising over $11,000, final totals will be given soon.  Thank you to everyone who organized, walked, and donated to make this such a big success.


UPCOMING FUNDRAISER:  On December 1st, the First Sunday of Advent, we will celebrate as a church family with a wonderful Turkey Soup Luncheon, with soup prepared by Chef Dave Moorehead.  You will soon get a request to save your “carcass” from your Thanksgiving turkey to make this wonderful soup.  This year we will also have a Silent Auction fundraiser to try and meet our fundraising goal to support our Missions program.  Items can be left in the office, and we hope for lots of donations.  We are looking for gift certificates to local businesses, (hairdressers, make-up, massage, chiropractors, favorite shops, etc.), baskets (spa, movie night, crafting, etc), plants, items that would make great Christmas gifts and more!  


CHURCH DATABASE:  We are now using an online database for attendance, financial and family  information.  The benefits of having this information stored online include the ability for all church members to update their own information and to access an online directory.  All families who attend regularly should have received an e-mail invitation to access the database and update their information.  We are also asking that you add individual and family photographs to your profile for the online directory.  See the September Sounding Board for more details and contact Dan Reilly with any questions or concerns.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: During Lent, the Prayer Shawl Ministry embraced a special project: Afghan Knitting Project/Project Amigo (www.projectamigo.org). Our goal was to knit/crochet squares that would be used to create afghans for Project Amigo scholarship recipients (children and young adults). Another goal of the Project Amigo program is to provide a source of income for the people who sew the afghans together.  We were happy that over 523 knitted/crocheted squares were made.  That created 6 afghans.  Fantastic! Thanks to those knitters/crocheters who participated in this project.  Since, Afghan Knitting Project/Project Amigo is an ongoing project; the Prayer Shawl Ministry has decided to continue with it as well.  We invite anyone who would like to participate to do so.  If you would like the information regarding the details and instructions, please contact Zondra Thompson.  This is a project that can be done at home, traveling, etc and the squares can be dropped off in the designated box in the blue room. Thank you and God Bless!


OCTOBER SOUNDING BOARD & OUR DAILY BREAD DEVOTIONAL:  We have copies of the September Sounding Board in the Narthex, outside the office & in the Blue Room.  The September/October/November issue of Our Daily Bread is also available in the Blue Room



UMC MARKET:  There is information on the table outside the church office about the UMC Market which is a great way to make money for your church.  Similar to the SCRIP program, you spend no extra money, but when you purchase something online through the UMC Market, the church gets a percentage back.  If you aren’t in church over the next few weeks, call the office for more info.


AMAZON SMILE:  SUPPORT OUR CHURCH WITH AMAZON SMILE:  You can support your church by simply signing into Amazon with smileamazon.com and choosing to support United Methodist Church of Gales Ferry.  This can help our budget with no effort on your part except the change of sign-in and setting up your non-profit to support.  Please consider doing this soon!!  



FACEBOOK:  Have you ‘liked’ the church Facebook page?  https://www.facebook.com/GalesFerry.UMC/  You can ‘check in’ when you are here, comment on posts, check out the photos, and share events with your friends!  After you check in, please SILENCE your phones during the worship service.  


WORSHIP SERVICE RECORDING:  As a service to those who cannot attend a live service, services are now being recorded and can be accessed from a Google Drive.  This is still a work in progress, so some quality issues may arise.  Additionally, due to copyright issues, at this time, only spoken word segments are available. The files are in MP3 format, and should be playable on most computers, smart phones, etc.  Please use the following links: Full Services: https://goo.gl/qzopYC ; Sermons Only: https://goo.gl/BvICTn . For any questions, please see Craig Dawson. You can also email umcgfsound@gmail.com and we can email you the share links directly.



LEDYARD FOOD PANTRY:   October Food Pantry requests:  Apple Sauce (snack size); Beef Gravy; Cake Mix; Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup; Canned fruit; Canned Meats (spam, ham); Cereal; Chicken; Chili; Corned Beef Hash; Crackers; Diced Tomatoes; Flour; Frosting; Granola Bars; Grape Jelly; Instant Oatmeal; Instant Potatoes; Jello; Kraft Macaroni & Cheese; Mayonnaise; Pancake Mix; Pasta;  Pasta Sides; Progresso Soups; Pudding Cups; Relish; Rice-a-Roni/Rice Sides, Salad Dressings; Sloppy Joes; Snacks; Stew; Sugar; Syrup; Tomato Sauce; Tuna; Vegetable Oil Personal Hygiene: Deodorant;  Feminine Products Paper/Laundry: Cleaning Products; Laundry Soap; Paper Towels; Tissues; Toilet Paper